Almonte says government stimulates energy development in Dominican Republic

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, affirmed that the Dominican Government offers facilities and stimuli, as well as promoting actions for the development of energy infrastructure capacity in the cities, which will have an impact on the whole country.

Almonte gave a speech during the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the second stage of the Los Guzmancito Wind Farm, in charge of the renewable energy company Poseidon.

The project includes the construction of 13 new turbines in addition to the 16 already installed, with an investment of US$128 million.

Engineer Almonte added that the Northwest Region, and mainly this part of Puerto Plata, is where the greatest wind energy production activity is registered in the country.

The minister also pointed out that the region has the largest number of renewable energy projects.

The total investment in this project is 258 million dollars of Dominican capital by Grupo Energético 23 (GE23), and of foreign capital by STOA, the renewable energy and infrastructure investment arm of the French Government’s Pension Fund Administrator.

The commissioning of the new turbines will double the park’s clean energy generation and generate thousands of jobs during the year and a half of construction, revitalizing the local economy, as was the case with the first phase of the project.

Roberto Camilo, partner of the project; José Ignacio Paliza, administrative minister of the Presidency; Ernesto Armenteros, partner of the project; Andrés Astacio, vice-president of the Unified Council of Electricity Distribution Companies; Samuel Pereyra, administrator of Banco de Reservas; Claritza Rochtte, governor of Puerto Plata; and Elba Tineo, mayor of Maimón, participated in the ceremony.

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