Apordom Director talks about RD Vial and tourism development in the country

Jean Luis Rodríguez, director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM) in an interview on Despierta con CDN, talked about RD Vial, the inauguration of docks and the arrival of cruise ships to the country.

The official explained the function of RD Vial, the first public trust in the Dominican Republic. Its main function is to manage the country’s toll stations and to ensure that the resources collected through it are used appropriately.

Jean Luis Rodríguez indicated that with the funds obtained through the institution, several important projects are underway. Some of these are: the Ecological Avenue, the Azua bypass, the Baní bypass, the Navarrete bypass, the Barahona-Enriquillo and Enriquillo-Pedernales highways, among other works.

Likewise, he also said that from 23 exclusive Fast Pass lanes, the current number is 64, almost tripling the figure. This has succeeded in lightening traffic in many parts of the country.

The director of Apordom stated that the objective is to achieve that a total of 70% to 75% of vehicle owners in the population become users of the Fast Pass and then migrate to a more advanced system.

With the use of the Fast Pass application, users can recharge online and instantly, said Rodriguez.

The official expressed that it is necessary to ”generate awareness in the citizenship”, highlighting that RD Vial collects 800 plastic bags on average per day of garbage in the highways of the country.

Development of maritime tourism in the country, according to the director of Apordom

Rodríguez said that 13 tourist-fishing piers have been inaugurated nationwide and announced two more in the coming days. These are located in Salinas, Peravia province and another in Miches, El Seibo. In addition to a commercial dock in Barahona. In the case of the North, he emphasized that docks have been inaugurated in important fishing areas such as Sanchez, Puerto Plata, Cabrera and Rio San Juan, the latter being a specialized dock for industrial fishing.

Regarding the dock in Santo Domingo, the official said that it is the second port in the entire region with the largest number of imported vehicles. He mentioned that in the future it could have engineering and improvements to increase its cargo capacity. He also added that Santo Domingo has three essential qualities to be an excellent competitor in the region, which are the airport, hotels and port. This would boost much more the visit of tourists seeking to use the country to access the busy cruise trips.

He also pointed out that the flow of cruise ships is on an upward trend. Expecting that by next year the flow will be 200,000 cruise passengers in recently inaugurated ports such as Cabo Rojo.


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