APORDOM to turn the DR into a regional logistics and cruise ship hub

The executive director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Jean Luis Rodríguez, assured that under the government of Luis Abinader, the Dominican Republic is on its way to becoming the logistics hub of the entire Latin American region and cruise hub in the entire Caribbean area, with the incorporation of at least three new tourist terminals to bring the country to complete the six by 2025.

Rodriguez explained that from three terminals he found, APORDOM will bring to six the terminals for the reception of cruise ships, this with the commissioning of the Port Cabo Rojo in Pedernales, already started its construction, and the terminal of Santa Barbara de Samaná, which will begin construction on July 21.

“This year we aspire to have twice as many cruise terminals as we had when we came to the administration, because instead of three we will have six terminals by 2025,” assured the official when interviewed by the cast of the radio program La Opción de la Mañana, which is broadcast on Independencia FM, 93.3.

The public servant also assured that there are plans to open terminals for the arrival of tourists in Barahona and in Arroyo Barril, Samaná province.

He also affirmed that all the terminals will have a different attraction and “that is the plus that we are adding to each one of the terminals”.

He also assured that, since his arrival at the institution, a new model of port management has been implemented, based on the optimization of resources, modernization of port operations and a better distribution of benefits among the collaborators.

He said that this same work policy is consistently implemented in the port of San Pedro de Macorís Gregorio Urbano Gilbert, where operations have been considerably boosted.

He specified that upon his arrival at APORDOM, the finances were stabilized and the payment of the labor benefits of those dismissed during this administration was brought up to date. He also honored debts with the medical insurance and the pension plan, as well as reduced superfluous expenses of the entity’s employees, including his own.

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