Bidding for Sosúa beach awarded

The Government announced that the award has already been made after the necessary bids to undertake the regeneration of the beach of Sosúa, which involves an investment of 600 million pesos.

The plan includes the construction of 300 parking lots on land donated by the Pastoriza family, so that vehicles will not be parked on the surrounding avenues and streets. In addition, surveillance cameras and night lighting will be installed. The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, assured that in the next few days the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader will give the first kick to start these works.

Collado said that in Sosúa beach, this long-awaited work will be carried out to boost tourism even more. A plaza will be built for vendors who will be provided with loans through Promipyme so that they can continue their business.

The official said that only the culmination of an alliance between the Public-Private sectors in Sosúa beach is awaited, since they are talking in a friendly way with the directors of the Association of Handicraft Sellers (AVAPS) to reach a consensus. On August 22 of last year, President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, headed the signing of the commitment agreement for the reorganization of Sosúa beach.

The initiative seeks to organize the entire environment of the area, which is currently overcrowded by the large number of booths. During the meeting, the President announced that the works include the reconstruction of the beach premises, a square for the vendors, among other works.

Andrés Pastoriza, representing the Tavares Pastoriza families, donated part of their land for the solution proposed by the government. Pastoriza said that his family has been linked to Sosúa for more than 80 years, reason why they have decided to cede these lands to contribute to the recovery of tourism in this community. With the organization of the beach, the vendors of that area will benefit.


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