Cap Cana Marina consolidates its position as the most complete marina in the DR

The executive president of Cap Cana, Jorge Subero Medina, affirmed that the Marina of the Destination City is consolidating as the most complete in the country, during an event held by Marina Garden, one of the new apartment projects that is being developed around it.

Subero thanked the investors who have bet on the Ciudad Destino Cap Cana, which translates into contributions to the country’s economy, generating jobs and attracting new tourists and more investors who are increasingly interested in settling in the Dominican Republic.

He indicated that the Cap Cana marina currently has 1,800 rooms in operation, and some 1,000 in the design and sales phase to begin construction in the coming months, which are perfectly complemented by all the night activity that comes to life around it, as well as the commercial activity that takes place during the day.

The marina has 15 restaurants located on both the south and north sides, and more than 19 thousand square meters of commercial space. Its design and geographic location have positioned the Cap Cana Marina as the safest space in the face of atmospheric phenomena to safeguard the boats of customers and visitors.

He also added that the Cap Cana Marina, as well as the other areas of the Destination City, is a very safe place, which allows owners, residents and guests to visit with great frequency, making this space the busiest in the entire project.

During the year 2022, 562 boats have visited the marina; every year the marina holds multiple sport fishing tournaments where most of the boats and participants come from other countries. The marina has a Catch and Release fishing modality for billfish species such as Blue Marlin and White Marlin by the Billfish Foundation and the fishing tournaments are held under the rules of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

The marina has one of the best billfish fisheries in the world; in the period from January to May 2022, the Cap Cana marina has released 1,329 billfish and caught 1,905 especially Dorado, Wahoo and Tunas.

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