Companies given 90 days to regularize status of foreign employees

The National Immigration Council gives companies and employers 90 days to regularize the status of migrant workers. After that, those who hire the labor of resident aliens without being regularized will be fined.

Penalties range from five to 30 minimum wages to those who hire or provide work to illegal foreign citizens or those who are not authorized to work in the country.

“This ministry, through the General Directorate of the Ministry of Labor, will maintain vigilance and compliance with articles 135 to 140 of the Dominican Republic Labor Code which establishes the proportionality of foreign workers hired by a company,” said Interior and Police Minister Jesus “Chú” Vasquez.

“This very harmful practice is responsible for the fact that we now have an immigrant population that overloads public services and the finances of our country… it is not possible to continue with a custom that puts at risk the possibilities of development of an entire people,” expressed Vasquez.

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