DGII opens second Motor Vehicle Center in the Malecon Center

With an investment of DR 20 million, the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) inaugurated its second Motor Vehicle Service Center, this time in Malecon Center, which merges three units and will offer ten services, which means savings in time, money and more facilities for taxpayers. This responds to the strategic vision of the government headed by President Luis Abinader to support all sectors of the national economy.

This new center, located on George Washington Avenue in the National District, will consolidate the Motor Vehicle units of the La Feria and San Carlos Local Administrations, as well as the Taxpayer Assistance Center (CAC) and the current, special and motorcycle license plate sections.

Likewise, services will be offered for the issuance of first license plates, endorsements, transfers, discharges, certifications, placement and lifting of oppositions, renewal and duplicates of marbete and license plates, as well as data correction.

“Last Monday, September 18 of this year, we made available to all taxpayers and citizens in general the first Motor Vehicle Service Center, at Plaza Luperón; this new center has received more than 4,388 taxpayers in its 15 days of operation”, explained the general director, Luis Valdez Veras, during the inauguration ceremony.

He pointed out that, since his arrival at the DGII, the vision has been an administration close to the taxpayer, providing mechanisms and tools to facilitate voluntary compliance with their obligations.

“In keeping with this vision, today we are inaugurating the second Motor Vehicle Service Center, where taxpayers will be able to carry out all their vehicle procedures in a single location, thus reducing travel costs and making the service experience more pleasant for taxpayers and citizens,” he said.

The official said that each region of the country will have a similar center, in order to continue improving the service experience by simplifying processes and bringing the tax administration closer to the taxpayer.

Transformation of motor vehicle procedures

The director of the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant), Hugo Beras, emphasized that with the inauguration of this center in Malecón Center, together with the one in Plaza Luperón, a real transformation of motor vehicle procedures can be perceived, which is part of the central government’s plans to modernize mobility in the country, in addition to facilitating the processes for companies in the sector.

Likewise, the executive director of the Association of Vehicle Manufacturers Dealers (Acofave), Yris González, said that with the inauguration of the Motor Vehicle Centers and the enactment of Decree 4-2023, the DGII shows the great challenge of achieving a healthy vehicle fleet and that commercialization in the country’s automotive sector is carried out in an environment of fair and transparent competition.

“May these initiatives make it possible to achieve the necessary levels of road safety, mitigation of accidents and climate change and, of course, guarantee the important investments that Dominicans make when acquiring their motor vehicles,” said González.

Savings and construction

The construction and adaptation of the space represented a total investment of DR 20,192,466.22, disbursed to an external company hired through a public bidding process and in strict compliance with the regulations in force for these purposes, informed Valdez Veras.

The center has a total area of 642.07 square meters, adequate and equipped to guarantee the comfort of taxpayers and collaborators. It is a property received in dation of payment for tax debts.

“We are implementing a service culture that prioritizes needs and facilitates voluntary compliance, assuming commitments to taxpayers, without neglecting remedial measures in case of non-compliance”, he added, indicating that the issue of vehicles is one of the main challenges encountered in his administration.

Change of license plates

Valdez Veras also indicated that the DGII is immersed in the project for the change of license plates and licenses for importers, distributors and sellers of motor vehicles and trailers, in accordance with the provisions of Law 63-17 and Decree 420-23 which establishes the regulations for the National Vehicle Registry.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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