Dominican Republic begins construction of Santiago cable car

The Dominican Republic’s government began construction of a cable car system for the city of Santiago, as part of an urban development plan that calls for 42 billion pesos (US$744 million) in public investment over the next four years.

The strategy, called Santiago 2025, also considers the construction of a monorail line, an electric bus corridor and bicycle lanes in the city, said President Luis Abinader at a public event on Wednesday.

The president explained that the plan also contemplates urban improvement and sanitation works such as parks, sewage and sewage treatment plants, among other works, but 36 billion pesos of the total will go to the cable car and monorail lines.

The cable car system will be 6.5 km long and will be divided into two sections. Section one will extend 3.2 km from the La Yaguita del Pastor area to the Las Carreras Central terminal in Pueblo Nuevo, while section two will cover 3.3 km from the USAD de Santiago sector in La Barranquita to the Pekín area.

The lines will have seven stations, four in section one and three in section two.

According to government estimates, Santiago’s cable car lines will carry 4,500 passengers per hour.

The Urban Development Unit (URBE) will be responsible for developing the project in cooperation with the office for the development of urban and interurban mobility projects of the Ministry of the Presidency, according to Abinader, who did not specify whether any work would be auctioned to the private sector.

Although the URBE website has details on the two Santo Domingo cable car lines, but very little information on the monorail project or the broader Santiago 2025 plan, although the president announced that work would begin during 1Q22.

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