Dominican Republic hosts the first Orange Caribbean Forum

On October 14, the Dominican Republic will host the first edition of the Orange Caribbean Forum (FCN), a multi-sectoral meeting that aims to promote and connect the ecosystem of the Orange Economy and the creative industries throughout the Caribbean island region.

It is a hybrid event, which unites the face-to-face and virtual format, with the participation of more than 40 professionals from different sectors of the creative industries who will participate in panels, videos and conferences, covering the neuralgic points and the pending agenda that the country and the region have in formalizing the orange ecosystem as an economic sector that has a direct impact on the development and sustainable growth of nations and contributes to improving the quality of life of the populations.

“The orange economy or creative economy is the one that from creative talent and intellectual property generates goods and services. This concept includes industries related to the arts in general, film, design, music, fashion, architecture, advertising, software development, application development, video games, among others,” said Arlette Palacio, executive director of SiP Group and co-producer of the event.

The relevance of the Orange Economy is given by the number of new jobs and the economic development it brings about through new technologies and industries that are energized by the ideas and talent of citizens.

“In short, the creative sector has a great impact on the economy in this fourth industrial revolution that includes artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain,” Palacio emphasized.

To frame the event in the international context the organizers of the forum have invited Angélica Mayolo Obregón, Minister of Culture of Colombia and Javier Hernández director of the School of Arts, Design and Creative Industries of the Universidad Sagrado Corazón of Puerto Rico.

“The Orange Caribbean Forum is the beginning of a conversation process and a working table that will be composed of different actors, national and international, with the objective of developing a common work agenda that will position the Dominican Republic as the creative hub of the Caribbean. Hence the importance of having the Minister of Culture of Colombia, one of the nations in the region with the most organized and documented orange ecosystem, and in the case of Puerto Rican professor Javier Hernández, who has made important contributions through his books Emprendimiento Creativo and La Ruta Emprendedora, as well as being a consultant on cultural policies and creative industries in multiple cities and international organizations,” said Ángel Rosario, creative director of Switch and co-producer of the FCN.

The forum’s agenda is complemented by six thematic panels that will address different areas of the orange ecosystem among them: Dominican Fashion with Global Vision which will be led by Karina Cortorreal CEO of Indómita; Contemporary Dominican Gastronomy led by Chef Emil Vega; 10 years of the Film Law in the DR led by the director of the Directorate General of Cinema (DGCINE) Marianna Vargas.

A fourth panel on Dominican Music Identity and Industries will be led by José Antonio Rodríguez. They will also deal with Intellectual Property in the DR led by the expert lawyer on the subject, Wallis Pons and the Digital Content Industry with Local Flavor led by Soraya Pina.

Other contents that will be part of the forum are Cultural Spaces in the DR, the Patronage Law, Academic Institutions for the Creative Industries, Urban Art in the DR, Design in the DR, Country Brand Identity, Santo Domingo Creative City of Music, Cultural and Creative Dominican Republic, Financing for Entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries and Independent Publishers.

The organizers of the forum invite all Dominicans and Dominicans, as well as citizens from other countries in the region to connect to the transmission of the event whose access will be free but must register in advance at or @forocaribenaranja.

La Silla Naranja, a space to continue the conversation
La Silla Naranja is a series of episodes with interviews with people and representatives of projects of the orange ecosystem in the Dominican Republic, with the objective of making visible and telling their stories. Short, informative capsules, which will serve to generate expectations about the event and will continue to present content to strengthen the sector.



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