Dominican Republic will host important RECAC meeting

The analysis of a diagnosis on the conditions of competition in passenger air transportation in the Central American region and the presentation of a public policy proposal for national application will be the focus of the agenda of the meeting of the Central American and Caribbean Network of National Authorities in charge of Competition Issues (RECAC), to be held on June 2 in the Dominican capital.

Delegates from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic will participate in the technical session.

The National Commission for the Defense of Competition (ProcompetenciaRD) will host the activities to be held at the Catalonia Hotel, on George Washington Avenue.

The president of the Board of Directors, María Elena Vásquez, highlights the great value for the countries of the region of the central topic that will be discussed on Thursday of next week by competition authorities of Central America and the Caribbean, in view of the current demands of free and fair competition among economic agents of markets in these times of globalization.

Other RECAC meetings
The most recent validation meeting of the regional organization was held on February 17, 2022 in San Salvador, capital of El Salvador. Participants included Luisa López, from Nicaragua; Guillermo Rojas, from Costa Rica; Alberto Lozano, from Honduras; Gerardo Henríquez, from El Salvador; Jovany Morales, from Panama; and María Elena Vásquez, from the Dominican Republic.

RECAC’s objective is to coordinate the joint work of these regional authorities to create mechanisms that strengthen the protection of competition in the markets; develop interrelationships through cooperation and mutual assistance for the effective protection of competition and contribute to the economic and social integration processes of the region. The coordination of the network is exercised by the pro tempore presidency, which rotates every year in alphabetical order among the representatives of the full members.


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