Dominican Superintendence of Electricity signs cooperation agreement to introduce Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

The Superintendencia de Electricidad (SIE) signed a cooperation agreement with the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for US$619,350 to finance technical assistance to address Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) throughout the Dominican Republic’s electricity system.

This intelligent method of electrical energy storage and management allows guaranteeing more productive energy, better grid management and greater stability and availability of electricity. Among the functions of this new modality is the reduction of the natural intermittency of renewable sources, auxiliary energy substation services, among others.

This technical assistance, which will allow the implementation of energy storage technology in the country, will help to address the regulatory gaps and loopholes present in the current regulations and the development of the analysis with the necessary recommendations for technical and financial regulations.

The development framework of this project, after the analysis of the current situation, will include the diagnosis of possible solutions that could be implemented in power generators, the transmission grid and distribution network assets.

The analysis of the possible solutions, through Battery Energy Storage Systems, will take into account the functionalities of the generation units, including complementary services such as frequency regulation, backup power units, integration to the renewable energy grid, among others.

With the results of this technical assistance, the SIE takes another step forward in the development of innovations in energy storage, as well as in its regulation, with a view to strengthening and developing the performance of the Dominican electricity market.

In addition, this new concept will help the entire electricity service chain, from the generation sectors to the distribution process, to improve the quality and stability of the electricity supply.

The agreement was signed by Rafael Velazco Espaillat, Superintendent of Electricity, and Vinai Thummalapally, Acting Director of USTDA.

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