DR seeks to expand Research and Education Network through European Union’s Bella II project

The Dominican Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with RedClara, based in Uruguay, for technical cooperation, the promotion of a National Research and Education Network, as well as the promotion of the Bella II project in the Dominican Republic, related to a submarine cable from the European Union (EU), in order to favor university centers and other entities linked to research processes of scientific interest.

The document was signed on behalf of the Dominican Government by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt), Dr. Franklin García Fermín, and the president of the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), Nelson Arroyo Perdomo; the director of the Government Office of Information and Communication Technology (OGTIC), Bartolomé Pujals, as well as the director of International Cooperation, Academic Relations and Communications of RedClara, Mark Urban.

García Fermín said that the initiative responds to the interest of President Luis Abinader to put the country at the forefront of the digitalization process among Latin American countries.

He stressed that the project seeks to promote the development of national academic networks in Latin America and coordination between them and other blocks.

“RedClara seeks, through the Bella II project, to strengthen and expand the digital ecosystem of Latin America and the Caribbean, enabling relationships and exchange between companies, research centers, educational institutions and national educational research networks, to achieve the strategic objectives of the region, focused on strengthening science, education and innovation,” said García Fermín.

On his side, the president of Indotel, Nelson Arroyo Perdomo, said that the memorandum reflects a strengthening of the institutions, due to the fact that in the State it was a custom to have a dispersion of efforts of the official organisms.

“In this government administration, headed by President Luis Abinader, we have wanted the institutions to act jointly to achieve the common objective of developing policies, both public and private, that will benefit the lives of the people,” he added.

In turn, the director of the OGTIC, Bartolomé Pujals, assured that the Bella II project is of prime importance for the development of scientific research programs and the development of projects in non-traditional sectors of the economy.

He emphasized the Government’s effort to deepen the digitalization process within a world of a competitive economy, where connectivity plays a major role.

Likewise, the Director of International Cooperation of RedClara, Mark Urban, thanked Mescyt, Indotel and OGTIC for their willingness to participate in the Bella II project.

The signing of the memorandum was attended by Mescyt Vice Ministers, José Cancel, Carmen Evarista Matías, Genaro Rodríguez, Paula Disla, Juan Francisco Viloria, Juan Medina, Cabinet Director, as well as Julissa Cruz Abreu.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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