Education to pay more than $1 billion in salary increases

The Ministry of Education (Minerd) informed yesterday that it will pay 1,290 million, 551,208 pesos in salary increases to 29,259 retired and pensioned teachers through the National Institute of Teachers’ Welfare (Inabima) and the Ministry of Finance.
This was announced by the head of the entity, Roberto Fulcar, who pointed out that the increase in salaries will begin to be applied during this month and in December.

The official pointed out that although it had been planned to apply next year the increases corresponding to the period 2018-2020, as established by Law 451-08 which mandates the compensation or salary adjustment by indexation every three years, they decided to do it now in view of the problems affecting the referred population group.

He specified that the salary readjustment is contemplated within the agreements signed with the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) last June 30.

“Today is an exceptionally positive day for the national educational community, it is a day that fills us with joy because we can do an act of justice to those who have given the best of their lives for the education of the Dominican Republic,” expressed the educator.

He explained that teachers will receive an improvement in their income by more than 9.45 percent, raising the annual expenditure in this concept from 14,164 million, 767 thousand 479 pesos to 15,455 million, 318 thousand 687 pesos.

Roberto Fulcar stated that one of the pillars of the new educational model is the dignity of teachers, students, directors and other actors in the system.

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