From hotel in La Romana, commission moves forward with study of new Penal Code

The president of the Bicameral Commission, Senator Santiago Zorrilla, informed that they are advancing in the process of reading, study, consensus and debates on the bill of the new penal code.

The commission began this Thursday with the final stage of the study of the legislation and in the next few days will prepare a report to be submitted to the plenary of both chambers.

The commission, which will be working all weekend in a hotel in La Romana, has the participation of the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, who expressed his support for the Dominican Republic to be endowed with a modern Penal Code in the present legislature.

Estrella said that both he and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, are interested in providing the Dominican Republic with a modern Penal Code in accordance with the current times the country is living.

Meanwhile, the president of the Bicameral Commission, Senator Santiago Zorrilla, also highlighted the effort being made in the commission, so that the country can be provided with a modern Penal Code during the present legislature.

The vice-president of the Commission, Deputy Alexis Jimenez stated that the purpose of the meeting is to work for three days to conclude the studies of all the articles that are pending revision.

“We have a commitment with the Dominican Republic, to leave here with a report, so that the citizens can have the Penal Code as soon as possible”, said Alexis Jimenez.

The commission started the discussion work on article 152 of 422 of the Penal Code of the Dominican Republic.

The work began with the presence of the deputies Alexis Jimenez, Ramon Mayobanet Martinez, Dario Zapata, Eugenio Cedeño, Jose Horacio Rodriguez, Pedro Botello, Plutarco Perez, Victor Fadul, Mateo Evangelista, Elias Wessin Chavez, Fior Daliza Peguero, Omar Fernandez and Sadoky Duarte.

Also present for the Senate were Eduardo Estrella, Santiago Zorrilla, Dionisis Sánchez, Faride Raful, Antonio Taveras Guzmán, Franklin Romero and Virgilo Cedano.


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