Infotep establishes partnerships with ILO/Cinterfor and Hearth NSTA Trusts

The National Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (Infotep) signed a memorandum of understanding and a letter of intent with institutions linked to the world of work to strengthen technical and vocational training and promote economic and social development through job training.

These are the Hearth NSTA Trust, an institution that provides access to training, skills assessment and certification, and offers career development and employment facilitation services for Jamaicans of working age, and the International Labour Organization’s Inter-American Center for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (ILO/Cinterfor).

The first document was signed by Rafael Santos Badía, general director of Infotep, and Dr. Taneisha Ingleton, executive director of the Hearth NSTA Trust; the second, with Anne Caroline Posthuma, director of ILO/Cinterfor.

The letter of intent with the Hearth Nsta Trust establishes general principles of cooperation that include: defining areas of common interest, carrying out joint activities and working to strengthen their quality standards and guide innovations in training for productive employment.

It will also facilitate virtual and face-to-face exchanges of best practices aimed at strengthening vocational education among technical and vocational education and training (TVET) leaders and educators.

Infotep’s director general, Rafael Santos Badia, noted that the collaboration of the Dominican Republic and Jamaica in the aspects outlined in the letter is important.

“Together we can help ensure the integration of the Caribbean area. We are committed to training people so that they can be better citizens in their countries,” said Santos Badia.

For her part, Heart/NSTA CEO Taneisha Ingleton described the agreement as an important partnership.

“There is no way we can do anything alone. Let’s come together and change the perception of TVET in the region and the rest of the world,” Ingleton said.

Meanwhile, the memorandum of understanding with ILO/Cinterfor establishes collaboration and exchange of knowledge in the field of vocational training policies and their contribution to economic and social development, develop research, exchange of specialists and teachers, as well as create and develop digital solutions and platforms for vocational technical training programs.

The agreements were signed within the framework of the Hearth NSTA Trust Subregional Summit 2023, which took place from November 23 to 26 in Jamaica.

Also present at the signing of the documents were Angie Shakira Martinez Tejera, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Jamaica; Kenesha Campbell, Director of Strategic Partnership, Research and Innovation of Heart/NSTA Trust; and Dana Morris Dixon, Honorable Senator of the Jamaican Congress.

Also, Michelle Sigaran, Deputy Head of International Cooperation of Infotep, and Gonzalo Graña, National Officer of Social Dialogue and Vocational Training of Cinterfor.



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