INTRANT to start accreditation of driver schools nationwide

The Instituto Nacional de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (INTRANT), began the socialization process for the accreditation of driver schools, with the purpose that they comply with all the necessary technical regulations for the certification of drivers as established by Law 63-17.

In the meeting with directors of driver schools of the GSD, Rafael Arias said that article 274 of the Law establishes that these centers will give the classes so that the aspirants to obtain the learning permit and the definitive driver’s license, acquire the knowledge and abilities for their integration to the road circulation “will be authorized by the INTRANT, who will regulate the instructors, instruction programs, vehicles, places and number of hours of the road educational activity”.

With the training that will be given through the National School of Road Education (ENEVIAL), INTRANT seeks that the schools of drivers are highly trained and qualified for the profession, due to the relevance it represents to guarantee the development of road safety in the country, through the prevention of road accidents with the training of responsible drivers.

In this sense, the executive director of INTRANT, Rafael Arias, told the directors of driving schools in Greater Santo Domingo, that “this action seeks to guarantee that citizens who wish to acquire a driver’s license, are first instructed in a duly certified school.

“To be more specific, INTRANT will certify the schools and the schools will certify the drivers so that they can take the step to obtain their respective driver’s license at the INTRANT licensing office,” Arias said.

The INTRANT director also informed that the certification of drivers’ schools, which will later be extended to other provinces, includes training in basic aspects of road safety, traffic regulations and signaling according to the Law of Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety of the Dominican Republic.

“The purpose of the certification of the driving schools by INTRANT is that they instruct those aspiring to obtain a driver’s license in the correct teaching of driving, so that road accidents related to the human factor can be reduced.”

The official also explained that “Law 63-17, has clear parameters to reduce road accidents and driving schools play a key role in this process, we have a culture of learning to drive with the family car and because of that cause we do not have the technical or theoretical knowledge to guide us to react correctly to situations that occur on the roads”.

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