Ministry of Sports presents Dominican delegation clothing

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec) presented the uniforms of the national teams that will represent the country in the XIX Pan American Games Santiago de Chile 2023, composed of approximately 238 athletes.

The presentation ceremony was headed by the administrative vice-minister of Miderec, Franklin de la Mota, representing minister Francisco Camacho, who was accompanied by the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Garibaldy Bautista, among other sports authorities.

At the ceremony, held in the James Rodríguez hall of the Ministry of Sports, six members of the taekwondo team and two of the karate team paraded with honor and gallantry in the different outfits.

The athletes will be provided with a jacket and trouser suit, jackets, a uniform for rest, sweats and warm clothes, due to the low temperatures that prevail in Chile at this time of the year.

Deputy Minister De la Mota urged them to wear with pride the national colors and to give the best of each one of them to bring the medals corresponding to their respective disciplines.

On his side, Bautista highlighted the quality and appropriateness of the clothing for the commitment and thanked the Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec) for all the support it has given to the COD.

Among those present were also the vice-ministers of Sports, Kennedy Vargas and Leopoldo Portes; the honorary advisor of Miderec, Miguel Camacho; the director of Cabinet, Fausto Severino; the treasurer of the COD, José Mera, and the liaison of the ministry with the federations, José Luis Suero (Chiguete).

The clothing

The jacket suit was exhibited by Bernardo Pie, who won gold earlier this year at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador, and Katherine Rodríguez, who won bronze at the same international competition.

Another gold medal winner at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador, Cristopher Reyes, along with Mayerlin Mejía, exhibited the shorts and T-shirt with the backpack for belongings.

Meanwhile, coach Manuel Mateo and Madeline Rodríguez, taekwondo coach, presented the sweatshirt that the Dominican national team will wear along with the suitcase and bag that they will have for their luggage.

Meanwhile, Anel Castillo and Penélope Polanco, of karate, showed the coats and gloves that will protect the athletes from the cold of Chile.

The uniforms were made by the international firm Joma, which initially specialized in soccer, but later expanded to other sports. In 2012 it was considered the third brand with the best image. In addition to Spain, Joma has agreements with Morocco, Portugal and Mexico.

Dominican Republic will compete in the Pan American Games Santiago de Chile 2023 in 36 sports with a representation of 238 athletes, who will seek to bring medals in the competitions that will take place from this Friday until November 5.


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