Ministry of Tourism promotes the country as a destination

Paola Gómez, representative of the Ministry of Tourism for Brazil, informed that they have made several agreements with the main tour operators of the South American country’s market, in order to establish the Caribbean as a tourist destination for Brazilians.

“We are working mainly on promoting the diversity of the Dominican Republic, because for the Brazilian market the best known is only Punta Cana and the idea is to start promoting other destinations within the country,” said the official during the First Dominican Republic-Brazil Business Meeting.

About the meeting, Gómez indicated that the initiative promoted by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Brazil is an unprecedented meeting that gives the unique opportunity to bring together various sectors that constitute the economic pillar of the Dominican Republic, tourism.

The representative of the Ministry of Tourism was interviewed by a special envoy of El Nuevo Diario, during the coverage of the important event held in the State of São Paulo.


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