Neiba and Jimaní will make millionaire investments

He informed of a $1 billion investment in the asphalt plan, $783 MM in the construction of the UASD campus in Neiba and $237 MM in aid to Jimaní.

President Luis Abinader launched the Asphalt Plan of the Ministry of Public Works, in which RD$1 billion will be invested, and the works of the UASD campus in Neiba, Bahoruco, for an amount of $783 million. He also announced the construction of the Binational Market in Palmaso, with an investment of RD$89 million and a contribution of $237 million for “Aliméntate” in Jimaní.

Last weekend, President Luis Abinader developed a wide program of activities which covered the provinces of Santo Domingo Este, Bahoruco and Independencia.

Regarding the Asphalting Plan, the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, informed that it covers the sectors of Buenos Aires, Mancebo, Las Clavellinas, Villa Jaragua, the El Estero-Villa Jaragua stretch, the Las Clavellinas-Villa Jaragua stretch, Petaca, El Barro and Galván and that RD$70 million will be invested in asphalting, sidewalks and street curbs.

Regarding the UASD campus in Neiba, Minister Franklin Garcia Fermin said that it has an area of 8,280 square meters of construction, 29 classrooms with a capacity to receive 1,260 students.

In Jimaní, Independencia province, the president together with the Directorate of Border Development, announced the construction of the Binational Market in Malpaso, for $89 million. He said that the objective is to create alternatives, increase social investment and stimulate trade in that part of the Dominican Republic. The work will be done in an area of 11,225 square meters.

President Abinader also participated in Jimaní in one of the operations of the inclusion days of the Supérate program which are being carried out simultaneously in the country in which 1,424 new participants were integrated into the program directed by Gloria Reyes, who informed that in the Independencia province there are already 12,003 beneficiaries with an investment of RD$237,659,400 per year by the Government.

On Saturday, the president toured the fair “Inespre Más Cerca de Ti”, in the Los Mina sector, SDE, where the entity offered products of the basic food basket with discounts of up to 50%, including bananas, bananas at RD$1.00; frozen chicken at RD$150.00; also select rice at $20, Creole potatoes, red onion, garlic and eggs.

Together with the director of INESPRE, Iván Hernández Guzmán, the state official highlighted that more than 83 producers’ markets and 150 weekly mobile warehouses are held nationwide.

He also inaugurated the roofing of the Pueblo Nuevo Sports and Cultural Club in the Villa Duarte sector.

In SDE he supervises the Plan: Says action is working

Works for the people
On Saturday he supervised the work of the Social Protection Network Plan of the Social Policy Cabinet in SDE and expressed in an act in the Ramón Matías Mella school, “we have a plan and a government planning that is working and that will continue to work for the people”.


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