Parking project to decongest Colonial City starts up

President Luis Abinader led the start of work on the “Plaza Colonial DN” parking lot project, to be carried out by AFI Reservas, with an investment of over US$16 million.

The mixed work will consist of 351 public parking lots and 1,970 meters of commercial premises, which will contribute to decongest the Colonial Zone, in the surroundings of the intersection of Matías Ramón Mella Avenue with the corner of Arzobispo Meriño, an area of great cultural, economic and tourist impact in the National District.

On his side, the Minister of Tourism David Collado emphasized that the vision of President Abinader is being realized with the refurbishment of the Colonial City, where for more than 40 years people have been hearing about the renovation and that there are no parking lots for Dominicans and tourists to enjoy.

He emphasized that today (last Sunday), the government of President Abinader will mark a before and after in the urban development of the Colonial City, with the beginning of the work on the parking lots.

Meanwhile, the general manager of AFI Reservas, Ian Rondón, pointed out that the project not only contemplates the construction of a modern parking lot, but also the creation of a service center that will be at the forefront of international standards.

The public parking lot, located in the Santa Bárbara sector, will be managed by TX Internacional and AFI Reservas, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens by promoting a more orderly and efficient mobility.

The design of the new public parking lot has been meticulously planned so that it integrates harmoniously with its architectural surroundings, respecting the identity of the area and offering a functional and aesthetic solution.

This infrastructure is part of the National Parking Plan, which projects similar spaces in strategic points of the National District.

Source: Arecoa

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