RD$36 million to be invested in repair of Huacalito de La Vega

Rafael Burgos Gómez assured that the commission is already working on the report, after pointing out that funds have already been allocated for the rehabilitation of the La Vega and Santiago buildings.

On the instructions of President Luis Abinader, the Directorate General of National Assets has created a commission to rehabilitate and remodel the Juan Pablo Duarte Public Office Building known as the Huacalito de La Vega in order to restore the “splendor” of this building.

This was informed by the director of this institution, Rafael Burgos Gómez, who also added that the commission is already working on the report on the infrastructure and that the funds assigned to intervene this building together with that of the Santiago post office amount to 36 million pesos.

Burgos expressed that both buildings will be put in optimal conditions so that the citizenship can go there to look for services without any difficulty, reason why they will make a work as deep as possible.

“We have sent a commission that is working doing the survey of everything that has to do with the remodeling, rehabilitation, habilitation of the offices and we are working,” he said.

“Immediately the publication came out, we started to make an effort so that this building has the conditions for the Vegans to be able to go there in confidence and in guarantee in search of multiple services in La Vega,‘’ said the director of Bienes Nacionales.

He affirmed that they will go beyond the needs of the building, providing it with comfort, air conditioning, furniture, communications and adapting the environment.

The precarious and deteriorated conditions of this complex of public institutions, which houses the General Directorate of Passports, the Ministry of Education, the General Directorate of Internal Taxes and the Provincial Directorate of Public Health of La Vega, were denounced by this media through a series of reports.

These reports show how dried feces accumulated on the windows of the three levels, leaks, mold and dirt have taken over the facilities of the building.

In addition, the building is never locked, as years ago the glass doors at the front and back of the building were knocked down, some of them were stolen, and to this day they remain open.

Another difficult situation occurs when it rains, because the water penetrates and floods the surrounding area.

The building is on María Trinidad Sánchez Street in La Vega and, due to the precariousness of the building, the users complain about the poor service and demanded the authorities to intervene.

What will happen with the other Hucalito?

With respect to the other building where it was intended to move the Huacalito de La Vega and which is currently in deplorable conditions, half done and closed with cyclone mesh, Burgos said that he made a visit to this place a month ago, making a survey also by instructions of the president and so far they are waiting for a project to be approved for this area.

“In that case we are waiting for the president to approve a project for that place, but we still do not have the approval until he decides if he is going to make a civic center or another public office building. We are waiting for his decision,” he said.

On February 2, 2023, a commission of the National Office of Seismic Evaluation and Vulnerability of Infrastructure and Buildings evaluated Huacalito, after it was damaged by an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 on the Ritcher scale, registered in the South of the country.


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