SeNaSa presents the Larimar Plan for the Dominican Diaspora in the U.S.A.

The executive director of the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa), Dr. Santiago Hazim, presented in the United States the SeNaSa Larimar plan, which is aimed at Dominicans who live abroad and need to have the security of having quality health insurance every time they return to the Dominican Republic and to be able to insure their family members living in the country.

During a press conference in the Bronx, New York, Dr. Hazim explained that “we have elaborated for Dominicans living abroad a medical insurance that will cover everything, and this means minor and major surgeries, cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, organ transplants, dentistry, covering what you really need in a quality insurance,” said Dr. Hazim.

The executive director of SeNaSa said that SeNaSa Larimar is an insurance that has coverage in the whole country, which gives you the facility to go to any part of the country and attend a center or clinic, because the State ARS is the only one in the country with more than 8 thousand health service providers, which means that most of the doctors, clinics, laboratories and hospitals are contracted to attend you.

He pointed out that one of the great advantages of SeNaSa Larimar is that it has the benefit of Repatriation of Remains and Last Expenses (funeral services), which represents a great relief for Dominicans, because it will avoid them the process they have to go through to say the last goodbye to their family member.

Details of the Larimar Plan

The Larimar Plan is a private health insurance policy with no age restrictions for affiliation; it guarantees coverage for outpatient services, hospitalization, high cost, dentistry, medicines and surgeries in the Dominican Republic, in a mixed network of more than 8 thousand doctors, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic centers throughout the country.


Dr. Hazim explained that “we are going to cover up to one million pesos in high cost, and we are doing everything possible so that the coverage can be increased to two million pesos so that you do not have to worry that a chemotherapy, knee prosthesis or spinal surgery will exceed one million pesos and you will be left without coverage”.

Opening of offices

Dr. Hazim explained that in total the project has planned the opening of nine offices and that the countries and localities where SeNaSA will be present will be informed in the future.
These offices will provide affiliation services, formation of family nuclei, delivery of cards, coordination of elective health services and general information.

SeNaSa will also make available to the diaspora the communication with the service channels through an exclusive line, as well as through alternative channels such as social networks, web page and local numbers that each office will have to attend to the needs of the compatriots.

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