Spanish government to provide technical and professional assistance for transformation of the National Police

The government of Spain committed to the Dominican Republic to offer technical, professional, technological-educational assistance and logistical support to contribute to the process of Transformation and Professionalization of the National Police, in order to make it a model institution in accordance with the new times as the Dominican government plans to do.

The position of the Spanish Government was adopted by the Minister of Interior of that country Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gómez, the director of the Police of that European nation Francisco Pardo Piqueras, and the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez Gámez, in the framework of the official visit made by the Dominican Minister Jesús Vásquez Martínez, who explained to them in separate meetings the modernization and transformation plans that the Government of President Luis Abinader has been executing.

“For us it is a great pleasure to share the Spanish experience in security matters, since both the Spanish Police and the Civil Guard are two model institutions in the world of good police practice, so much so that they are among the entities best valued by Spanish society and that is what we as the Dominican Government aspire to,” explained Vásquez Martínez to his Spanish counterpart.

After listening to the concerns of Minister Vásquez Martínez, Grande-Marlaska Gómez welcomed the openness of the Dominican Government to modernize the Police of his country, in the presence of Mrs. Elena Garzón Otamendi, Director General of International Relations and Foreigners, and the Deputy Director General of International Police Cooperation, Almudena Tudanca de Francisco.

He pointed out that in addition to the assistance in various areas, the Spanish Government is willing to send an elite team to the Dominican Republic to train police agents in all areas of security, for which they would be willing to sign a collaboration agreement for such purposes.

He also instructed the director of the Spanish National Police, Pardo Piqueras, as well as the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez Gámez, to provide all available collaboration for the necessary purposes.

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