Tourism initiates construction of parking lot in Bayahibe beach

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, started the works for the construction of a vehicular parking on the beach of Bayahibe, with an investment of RD$192,316,767.

The project, which was an old demand of the actors of the zone, consists in the construction of a tourist parking space in order to meet the high demands of the tour operators, the users of the pier and visitors of the beach of Bayahibe.

“Here we are fulfilling our commitment and meeting this fair and old claim. This work, without any doubt, will mark a before and after here in the beach of Bayahibe”, said the minister.

The construction will reach an intervention of 26,000 square meters which includes parking lots for 66 buses, as well as for other 129 light vehicles and 28 motorcycles.

The project will also include offices, public restrooms, a police station and five security booths for the Tourist Police (Politur).

Among the works to be carried out are 2,364 square meters of sidewalks; in addition to 6,613 square meters of green areas and storm drainage channeling works for the proper collection of water from the area.

The work also includes lighting, landscaping throughout the area and equipment, among other facilities.



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