Vice President delivers works to promote development of the South

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, inaugurated this Sunday a set of works in the southern region of the country, which included hospital and sports facilities, as well as works to guarantee the food security of the Dominican population.

During the tour in the south, Peña delivered works in the municipalities of Los Ríos, Galván, Villa Jaragua, Uvilla and Tamayo, all in the Bahoruco province.

Permanent commitment to health

In the framework of this Sunday’s event, the vice president reiterated the commitment of the government headed by President Luis Abinader to ensure the access of all Dominicans to quality health services, after delivering, together with the executive director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, the expansion and general renovation of the Julia Santana Municipal Hospital and the emergency room of the Galván Municipal Hospital, for the benefit of more than 108,000 inhabitants of Bahoruco.

The vice president, who is also the president of the Health Cabinet, pointed out that the delivery of the Julia Santana Municipal Hospital, together with the Galván Hospital, “is an irrefutable proof of the government’s efforts to strengthen the health network in the Enriquillo region”.

Raquel Peña said that every investment in hospitals, in primary care centers, in equipment and in improving the working conditions of health personnel, means investing in the future of the municipalities and in the development of the Dominican Republic. And, in the same way, it prevents citizens from traveling long distances to receive care in cases of emergency.

Meanwhile, the head of the SNS, Mario Lama, highlighted the investment in both hospitals, which amounts to more than 111 million pesos, underlining the government’s commitment to the continuous improvement of the hospital infrastructure in the Bahoruco province.

The Julia Santana Municipal Hospital, located in the municipality of Tamayo, with the investment of RD 72,138,707.82, for its general renovation and expansion of the emergency room, now has an operating room, a neonatal area with four cribs and three incubators, a delivery room, a pre-surgical room, a post-surgical room and sterilization, in optimal conditions.

The diagnostic areas of laboratory, sampling, X-ray, sonography, dentistry and four consulting rooms, 14 inpatient beds, nursing stations, four rest rooms, laundry, kitchen and administrative areas were also refurbished. Its expanded emergency area consists of triage, medication, four observation beds, restrooms, nursing station, treatment and suturing.

Other refurbishment works included the construction of a perimeter fence, sidewalk, medium voltage, exterior lighting, waterproofing and a generator for the safe supply of electricity.

Meanwhile, at the Galván Municipal Hospital, the emergency area was remodeled and enlarged and now has triage, medication, four observation beds, treatment, suture, nursing station and restrooms. In addition, the laboratory and X-ray areas were refurbished; the waste collection booth, sidewalk and perimeter fence were built, and the bathrooms throughout the hospital are in the process of being renovated.

Investments in sports; an investment in the future

The delivery of sports facilities was not left out of the day’s activities of the vice-president; Peña gave a basketball court and a sports club to the residents of different communities of the aforementioned municipalities.
In Las Clavellinas, the vice-president inaugurated the first public court to be built in the municipal district, which will benefit 420 girls, boys and young people who will be part of the teams that will practice basketball and volleyball during the first year.

The work, carried out by the Presidential Commission for the Support of Provincial Development (CPADP) for an amount of RD5,250,511.67, consists of an intervention area of 853.47 m2 with bleachers, electric lighting, perimeter fence and benches for the players.

The second of these sports facilities was inaugurated in Galván, also together with Ángel de la Cruz, director of the CPADP, and other national and municipal authorities.

The Rodrigo Vásquez Sports and Cultural Club covers 714.00 m2, which includes 610.00 m2 of court floor, two bleachers, 104.00 m2 of sidewalks, curbs, a perimeter fence and two posts with two 1000 Watt MHT lamps.

RD 8,361,197.43 was earmarked for the project, which seeks to increase the sports participation rate by 35% at the end of the first year after completion of the project.

A service that continues to expand throughout the country

Likewise, the Vice President delivered, together with the Administrative and Financial Deputy Director of the State Economic Canteens, Luz Estrella, three new food vending centers in the province of Bahoruco.

The dining halls that will be offering their services as of this Monday are the one in Villa Jaragua, the one in Uvilla and the one in Los Ríos, benefiting thousands of residents of that area, as part of the social policies of the government of President Luis Abinader Corona, to improve the quality of life of the Dominican population, especially the most vulnerable.

Each of these facilities has a common bathroom, storage room, industrial kitchen, among other spaces.

Also accompanying the vice-president were María Díaz Medina, provincial civil governor of Bahoruco; Melania Salvador, senator of Bahoruco province; Guillermo Lama, senator-elect; Olfanny Méndez, deputy and vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies; among other authorities.

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