David Collado takes his office to the beach

David Collado takes his office to the beach and dispatches from there

The Minister of Tourism followed up some of the works of his administration with part of his work team.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, showed off a warm and different work office, where he followed up on some of the issues of his administration.

It is a beach in the country where, as the official showed through the Twitter account of the entity, he held a meeting with his marketing team, to promote tourism in the Dominican Republic.

“The beach was my office today!” exclaimed Collado in making the announcement.

The official did not disclose the name of the beach from which he dispatched.

According to the publication, on this day of work in the open air and with the sea in the background, a review of works was made with the team of the Executing Committee of Infrastructures of Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR).

In addition, the Minister said that he supervised the project Plaza de los Vendedores, a work, which he explained, he will soon deliver.

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