With the celebration of the conference Dominicana Recicla, the French-Dominican Chamber of Commerce (CCDF) inaugurated a cycle of conferences and meetings that have as purpose to bring solutions and to collaborate with the Dominican Republic in diverse subjects, this time oriented towards the environment and the renewable energy in our country.

The event, which welcoming speech was pronounced by H.E Roland Dubertrand, French Ambassador in Dominican Republic, and the State Undersecretary for Mechanism and Clean Development, Moisés Álvarez, took place in the Manuel de Cabral auditorium of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

Nieves Colombani president of the CCDF, Rafael Nino Feliz, vice-president of the UASD, and Juan F. Medina, General Secretary of the UASD, chaired the seminary too.

Dominicana Recicla treated subjects as The situation of the Environment in Dominican Republic, by Eleuterio Martínez Lorenzo, Environment Director of the UASD; the Legal Aspects were treated by Marisol Castillo, general director of the Secretariat of Environment, whereas Moisés Álvarez, State Secretary for the Clean Development, talked about Crédito carbón .

Others experts expressed themselves, as Raúl Rodríguez, for Arkema, refferring to « the cells of combustible » and the « biodegradable plastics, friends gas of the ozone cap »; Conrado Depratt and Luis Belliard, from Verde Internacional, treated about the theme of management of solid wastes ; Miguel Andrés Rivas, from Cemex participated too; as Roberto Sánchez, from the Fundation Sur Futuro, and the Schneider Electric enterprisetalked about« Energy Saving ».

Nieves Colombani was in charge of the Ending Speech of Dominicana Recicla, and she said that this was only the beginning of what the CCDF wishes to bring to the Dominican society in what concerns the crucial aspects for the development of our nation, always integrated in the global economy in which we live today.

She thanked for their support the sponsors: CEMEX, Grupo Inversiones Borromé,

Grupo Vicini, Agua Santa Clara, Vinos, S.A., S3CB – Go Pose, APC-MGE by

Schneider Electric, Helados Bon, Fundation Sur Futuro and Listín Diario.

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions to the orators about the worries that appeared during the seminary development.

Once again, thanks for the support we received from the sponsors and the audience, that made this first meeting DOMINICANA RECICLA possible and the first of many to come.

Dominicana Recicla

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