Cibao Airport celebrates

To the rhythm of merengue tipico, the arrival of the 10 millionth visitor to the DR in 2023 was celebrated this Tuesday at the Cibao International Airport.

The activity was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and took place simultaneously in several air terminals in the country.

In the case of Santiago, a symbolic act was held to celebrate the 10 millionth passenger, with the arrival of United Airlines flight 2452 from the United States.

José Clase, representing the Administrative Council of the Cibao International Airport, expressed his satisfaction at being part of this history.

“We are happy to celebrate the arrival of the 10 millionth passenger to our country,” he said.

He highlighted the effort made by the Dominican Government to reach this milestone.

Roberto Henríquez, Vice Minister of Tourism, highlighted the importance of this number of visitors for the country.

Tourism figures

According to official figures, the DR surpassed 10 million visitors, with 7,863,542 tourists arriving by air and 2,168,209 cruise passengers arriving by sea.

The Ministry of Tourism states that the country has experienced the highest growth in tourist arrivals in the entire Caribbean region since 2019, going from 6.4 million to more than 10 million visitors.

It has also been recognized on several occasions by international organizations as the number one country in post-COVID tourism recovery.


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