Dominican Republic now has its own video game; its name is Dominican Power

Music, plugs, buses and public trolleys; playing a “palecito” on the bench, drinking a beer at the “colmadón”, and a dose of the most emblematic places in the Dominican Republic, is what you will find in this video game about the country.

Its name is Dominican Power, and its intention is to portray the daily life in the most popular sectors and provinces of the country. From “the UASD strikes” to a trivia game at the end of each episode where you must correctly answer a question about general culture.

Its creator is Frederick Ventura, a Dominican engineer graduated from Intec, who used all his available time during quarantine to create this project, which he narrates, is the first application on Dominican culture that has been created.

“This became a bigger project than I thought it would be. I wanted to make a game that represented Dominican culture and at the same time could be educational,” Ventura told Diario Libre USA.

Ventura has a degree in Civil Engineering, but he assures that his true passion is programming. “I discovered it thanks to some college classes and now it has become my hobby,” Ventura said.

The video game is completely free for cell phones, and for computers it costs two dollars. Its creator assures that it is not a game for “gamers”, but for Dominicans who want to “check if they really know their culture”.

“The game is based on a person who comes to the country with a debt and has to pay it off in 30 days, and in those days he must walk through certain famous neighborhoods, but he also passes through famous places like the UASD, Barahona, Los Haitises and I chose all those places because I understand that they really represent the country,” said the programmer.

Dominican Power is currently in its beta phase, and is available for Android and Windows, while the IOS version is in the process of approval.

For more information you can visit the social networks of this video game, where constant updates are presented.

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