Dominican Republic present at the II World Congress of Women in Politics

María Estela de León, will represent the Dominican Republic in the “II World Congress of Women in Politics” to be held online from September 1-3, 2021. The event is organized by one of the most important consulting firms in the region “Guerra y Poder” in alliance with CruVaz Comunicación, Hagamos Comunicación and Libertad de Informar, as part of the activities of the Bicentennial of Peru 2021.

The Representative of Women of the Americas in the country, will be speaking at this great event on the Challenges of Political Participation of Women in the XXI Century and under the same theme an article that will be circulated in a magazine of national and international circulation, in connection with the commemoration of the country.

The activity will bring together more than 55 speakers from around 13 countries in the region, which during more than 45 hours of hard work will be presenting conferences with thematic axes related to democracy, women’s empowerment, gender, politics, women’s leadership, political participation, among other topics.

The mission of the organizers and the women who will gather at the II World Congress on Politics is to strengthen the power of women to reach political and business positions and all social spaces where important decisions are made.

This experience will allow the countries of the region to advance towards a greater empowerment of women, in addition to enriching and strengthening the knowledge of the issues in women who make political life and those who believe, work and bet on more participatory and inclusive societies, said Maria Estela.

María Estela de León is the representative of the Women’s Center of the Americas in the Dominican Republic, a lawyer, journalist, with a master’s degree in Electoral and Electoral Procedural Law, specialist in Human and Humanitarian Rights, columnist on issues related to women’s political participation and other topics related to this segment of society.

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