INABIE begins school lunch distribution

Although the Ministry of Education began the distribution of school lunch in the schools with so much extended lunch, after reaching a solution between INABIE and the suppliers, not all schools received the food due to lack of logistics.

The República Dominicana school was one of those that did begin the student lunch plan, which included a menu of red beans, beef stew and tomatoes, served on disposable plates or in utensils that the students brought from home as part of the new sanitary protocol.

The teacher recalled that the menu is pre-established, but if there is any situation with the supplier, it could be subject to change after an agreement with the center’s management, as long as these foods are within the INABIE list.

Due to the lack of logistics, not all the schools started the food plan, as it happened with the Salesian School Sacred Heart of Jesus, which decided to start next Wednesday.

St. Elias School also postponed it because at noon it was still not sure that the suppliers would bring the food.

According to the directors, the suppliers must provide the exact rations for the number of students enrolled, but if one day not all the students attend, the school is authorized to donate the food.

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