Job fairs: a hope for thousands of young Dominicans

A few years ago, when a person was unemployed, they would go from company to company distributing the resumes they had printed the day before, sometimes even borrowing money.

Today, things have changed and job fairs have become an opportunity to attract unemployed people who are really needed in the market, saving money and time to those who apply.

In recent days, several fairs have been announced, which have become a hope for thousands of young Dominicans who need a job to cover their basic needs.

This platform is most frequently implemented by universities, specialized agencies, free zones and call centers.
These fairs are looking for people who are dedicated to activities such as security, maintenance, administrative services and even in the tourism area.
One of the most recent was from Grupo Eulen, where the most demanded positions were security officers and supervisors, cleaning and plant operators and supervisors, gardeners, messengers and drivers, where close to 1,000 people will fill these vacancies.
In spite of the fact that in the majority of occasions, the jobs offered in the fairs are not with high salaries nor very specialized, these have become a hope for the young Dominicans.
Listín Diario spoke with some people, under 35 years old, who participated in job fairs during the last days. Among these young people is Franklin Montero, 21 years old, who is unemployed and finished his high school, but in the future he dreams of studying Social Communication, although for the moment he applied for a janitor vacancy.
Lía María, 25 years old, is another of the young women who is hoping to get a job through one of these fairs, as she desperately needs to support her young daughter. She lives in Haina, San Cristobal and was walking with Yudith Manuela, 26 years old, who is her neighbor and is also unemployed.
Another of the young people with whom this newspaper spoke is Manuel Acosta, 18 years old, who lives in Quitasueño in San Cristóbal, and despite his young age and the fact that he is supported by his parents, he already wants to work and continue studying. He found out about the fair he attended through social networks.
Manuel understands that older people are hired more than younger people because they have more experience, but “we should all have the same opportunities and because they have more problems economically”.
At 35 years old and with three children, Clari Mota is unemployed and becomes crestfallen when she tells that she is studying Industrial Psychology and still can’t find a job.
She takes a deep breath when she says that it is difficult to support her children with dignity without being able to get resources. The last time she had access to a job was in 2019, the year she was laid off, a few months before the pandemic.

Tourism sector
Recently, some 281 graduates of the Hotel, Gastronomy and Pastry School of Higüey, attended the job fair organized by the National Institute of Technical Vocational Training (Infotep) and the Meliá Hotels International group, which seeks to fill around 100 vacancies in their companies.
Of those interviewed, 37 were selected immediately and 43 were pre-selected in areas related to the hotel industry, especially bar and restaurant technicians, receptionists, waiters, masons and masseurs. Also trained personnel in the areas of kitchen, security, housekeeping, maintenance and plumbing.

In March of this year, Buskeros was presented, an Artificial Intelligence platform developed by Dominican entrepreneurs, whose headquarters is in Miami and arrives in the Dominican Republic, through a Virtual Job Center, to facilitate the management of individuals and companies.
Buskeros also develops coaching and training programs for professionals so that they can become entrepreneurs.

Employment DR
Through “Empléate ya”, the Ministry of Labor carries out job fairs when vacancies are requested by companies that help to attract talent through the official state entity.

Applicants can enter their curriculum vitae on the Ministry of Labor’s website and take advantage of the available positions. Some companies are now asking for vaccination cards at the fairs.

The fairs are attended by young people and also by experienced people who in the midst of the pandemic were left unemployed.

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