MESCYT and Fundación MIR will award scholarships to deserving young people of limited resources

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT), through an agreement with the Fundación MIR, will provide national and international scholarships and English immersion studies to deserving young people of limited resources.

The beneficiary students will be from the Fundación MIR Vocational Technical School and the MIR Esperanza Vocational School in La Romana, who will have to obtain academic merits.

The agreement was signed by Minister Franklin García Fermín and the president of the Fundación, Lilian María Fanjul Gómez de Azqueta, during the investiture ceremony of 102 young graduates of both academies.

At the ceremony, eleven of the graduates received their scholarships to begin their undergraduate studies immediately.

García Fermín emphasized that working for education is educational work, conscience and sacrifice, congratulating the authorities of the Fundación MIR.

“I was in this same space a few months ago, precisely giving start to a harmonious, productive, positive relationship between the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and the Fundación MIR, I was amazed by the work they have been doing since the first moment”, he stressed.

The official also called on the young graduates to strive to achieve their goals, encouraging them not to settle for a bachelor’s degree, but to go to university and obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees, which will make them prosper.

While Fanjul Gomez de Azqueta expressed the satisfaction he feels in seeing the graduates face Covid-19 with education.

“Now when I look over there and see all these young people so happy, I congratulate your parents, who have dedicated themselves so that you can come, in one of the most difficult years in history to conquer your degree”, he emphasized.

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