New York Mayor selects Dominican for city’s redistricting commission

A Dominican lawyer was chosen by New York Mayor Eric Adams to be part of the citywide redistricting commission to redraw the boundaries of municipal districts before the next city council elections in 2023.

She is María Mateo Hernández, an independent attorney based in Queens, New York, who was appointed to the commission by the mayor along with six other individuals and eight members appointed by the council.

Mateo Hernandez founded his firm in 2011, worked at the Immigration Tenants Defense Project in 2010 and Sanctuary for Families in 2009.

He previously worked in the Domestic Violence Department at the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Ms. Mateo also worked for the Presidency of the Dominican Republic as a bilingual attorney.

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The City Charter requires the City Council and Mayor to appoint an independent borough commission every 10 years, following the decennial census.

This process ensures that City Council districts continue to reflect demographic and population changes.

Once the commission is constituted, commission members and staff will begin meeting to review all relevant laws and regulations, as well as the most recent census data.

After a series of public hearings and meetings, the commission will develop a final plan, which should be presented to the City Council at the end of each year.


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