104 apartments of the Happy Family Plan delivered

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, led the delivery of 104 apartments of the National Housing Plan Familia Feliz, in the Riberas de Cumayasa Residential Complex, in La Romana.

The new homes, developed by Grupo Rabiensa, correspond to the first stage of the complex, which will consist of 400 housing solutions. The residential is located in the Villa Hermosa sector.

During the delivery of the houses, the Vice President emphasized that most of the families who received their apartments today, have women as heads of household, which evidences the value that the Government gives to the effort made by women and single mothers to raise their children.

“I would like to highlight a very important fact, 64% of the families benefited by the Plan have a woman as head of the family and 22% have been favored with the Bono Mujer”, said Peña when addressing the beneficiaries.

The vice-president emphasized that the Riberas de Cumayasa residential project is a new example of how public-private alliances are bringing development and well-being to Dominican society.

“The National Happy Family Housing Plan continues to fill with joy the hearts of thousands of Dominicans who have benefited from a home with basic services and common areas designed for the full development of the whole family,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría, informed that in order to make the Riberas de Cumayasa Residence a reality, the Government contributed more than RD 90 million, through the different bonds provided by the referred plan, and that the developer allocated more than RD 600 million.

“One of the highlights of this project are the bonds that we have implemented to ensure that these homes are accessible to all. The Bono Inicial is an essential aid that facilitates access to home ownership, reducing the initial financial burden that is often an insurmountable barrier,” said Santos Echavarría.

The minister indicated that the Itbis Bond is another fundamental piece of the plan, because it covers the cost of the Tax on the Transfer of Industrialized Goods and Services. This bonus eliminates an additional expense that can be significant, so that the dream of home ownership becomes more attainable for everyone.

“In addition, we have implemented the Bono Tasa for the first seven years, which guarantees a low and fixed interest rate during the initial years of the mortgage loan, providing financial stability and predictability to families as they settle into their new homes. It is an economic respite that allows families to plan their future with greater security and peace of mind”, he indicated.

Meanwhile, the developer of the project, Rafael Bienvenido Santana, expressed the satisfaction felt by the development company to see the joy of the families who have acquired the apartments, which were built with the highest quality standards and designed so that those who inhabit them have a space with all the amenities required.

“We are extremely happy to see that we have concluded this first stage that makes 104 families owners, who are fulfilling one of the main dreams of every human being: to have their own home,” Santana expressed.

About Riberas de Cumayasa

Residencial Riberas de Cumayasa, in its first stage consists of 104 apartments of three and two bedrooms, with all basic services, parking, a recreation area with a basketball court, as well as having a commercial plaza with six stores.


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