30 000 new hotel rooms in Dominican Republic

For an investment around US$ 3.6 billion

The tourism industry plans to build as many as 30,000 new rooms as part of the sector’s National Development Plan, which also aims to attract 10 million tourists within 10 years.

In a statement released in France, Luis Emilio Rodriguez, Hotels and Tourism Association (Asonahores) president said investors will spend around US$ 3.6 billion, estimated at US$ 120,000 per room.

The business leader said however, that to reach that goal the government has to spend on the needed infrastructure and services, such as aqueducts, power lines and roads, to complement the hotel facilities.

Rodriguez, who participated in the Word Shop, a promotion organized by the Tourism Ministry in France, said the sector aims to fill the around 26 percent empty rooms in the short term.

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