4.7 million trees planted since August 2012

For the reforestation of more than 5,300 hectares

The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry has spent RD$ 170.9 million since August to plant 4.7 million trees throughout the country, especially in deteriorated river basins and along the border.

Environment minister Bautista Rojas said Monday that the planting of trees has become a national mobilization.

He said the work in recent months by 3,200 men and women spread over 312 crews has led to the reforestation of more than 5,300 hectares.

Rojas said he’s convinced that that type of initiative is the most effective way to preserve the environment and further improve the forest cover.

The official added that it’s urgent to prevent forest fires and uncontrolled timbering.

Dominican Republic Live, From DL, 04.12.12, 11.20 a.m.

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