A Helmet to Save Your Life” Program arrives in the municipality of Mao

With the objective of continuing to make motorcyclists aware of the importance of the use of protective helmets, the director of the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett), General Francisco Osoria de la Cruz, P.N., took his program “A Helmet to Save Your Life” to the municipality of Mao, Valverde province.

The purpose of General Osoria, to take this program to different areas of the country, is to be able to cover the entire national territory, to create awareness among motorcyclists about the importance of the use of this safety device that can save their lives in case of a traffic accident.

“The protective helmet is the best protection measure that motorcyclists and motor passengers have, in the event of a traffic accident”, said General Osoria.

The motorcyclists were given a road safety education talk by instructors from the Digesett Traffic Safety School, where they discussed defensive driving and motorcycle safety. Also, those present were shown crude images of the reality of traffic accidents involving motorcyclists.

After the talk, the head of Digesett, together with the governor of Valverde province, Daysi Aquino, and the northwest regional director of the National Police, General Sebastian Guzman Toribio, handed out protective helmets and food rations to the motorcyclists who gathered in the hall of the Governor’s Office of the municipality of Mao.

The governor of Valverde said that road safety is a priority issue for all citizens: “As governor, I am concerned about the number of traffic accidents that not only affect the victim, but also represent a devastating act for the family”. She reiterated her commitment to continue working for all the citizens of the province, especially when it comes to preserving life.

At the main table, there were also, on behalf of the Brigadier General of the Army of the Dominican Republic, Paino Perdomo Sánchez; Colonel Junior Rafael Caba; the director of the Digesett School, Colonel Dionisio Antonio Rodríguez Reyes; Senator Odalis Rodríguez and Mayor Yohendy Jiménez Bonilla.

With this initiative, Digesett seeks to promote a culture of road safety throughout the country and to decrease the number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents.


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