A score of deputies will study the Aerodom contract

A special commission of the Chamber of Deputies will study the modification and renegotiation of the contract between the State and Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom).

The modification to the agreement was deposited last Tuesday, November 21 by the Executive Power in the Chamber of Deputies and was included in the agenda of today’s session held by the legislators.

The special team of deputies that will analyze the changes to the contract will be presided over by the vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Olfanny Méndez and integrated by 19 other congressmen.

The commission is completed by deputies Eddy Montás, Francisco Solimán, Máximo Castro, Ydenia Doñé, Pedro Mota, Mayobanex Martínez, Plutarco Pérez, Rafael Castillo, Mélido Mercedes, Víctor Suárez, Moisés Ayala, Héctor Feliz, Yanelis Matos, Ramón Bueno, Frank Paulino, Lily Florentino, Stamy Colón, Francisco Santana Suriel and Ignacio Aracena.

The original contract with Aerodom was signed in 1999 and its renegotiation was announced by President Luis Abinader last week, who indicated that the agreement did not generate benefits for the Dominican State. The renegotiation will be for another 30 years.

Source: Arecoa


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