Abinader and Collado launch “Tourism in every corner”

David Collado says it is a strategy that sets a benchmark as a tactic for product creation, participation, inclusion and marketing management strategy to boost domestic tourism.

President Luis Abinader and Tourism Minister David Collado, led the launch of “Tourism in Every Corner”, the first platform for the promotion and support of local tourism, with a focus on sustainability and inclusion.

The initiative focuses on the coherence between the knowledge of domestic tourism products and the development of communities, thus achieving a redistributive impact throughout the national territory.

Prior to this launch, the Ministry of Tourism conducted a survey of all attractions, gastronomy and experiences nationwide, which have the quality, infrastructure and conditions to ensure a sustainable increase of tourism in these areas.

From here, tourism products have been developed, hand in hand with the communities, and focused on the providers of these experiences as owners of the strategy.

Abinader and ColladoTo achieve the success of the strategy, a multi-channel communication campaign will be launched, inviting all Dominicans to get to know their country, to enjoy its culture, gastronomy, landscapes, adventures and its people.

This content will be disseminated on all digital platforms, as well as on television and print media. In addition, he invites the entire value chain, such as travel agencies and tour operators, to take ownership of this campaign as part of their promotional processes.

President Abinader highlighted the importance of MITUR’s initiative, as it will have a direct impact on communities, entrepreneurship and the promotion of domestic tourism.

“Tourism in every corner is an invitation to connect and recognize the beauties of our land and the talent of our people. Through this initiative we are going to generate together a party celebrating the blessings that God has placed at our disposal, all these talents,” expressed Minister Collado.

He affirmed that this strategy is an invitation for the population to become true ambassadors of our destinations, “to be witnesses of the jewels hidden in so many extraordinary corners that are found in each province of the country”, he pointed out.

Minister Collado recalled that domestic tourism was one of the main engines in the post-pandemic recovery process, but it was also “a sign that we sell and promote what we are willing to consume and what we are proud of”.

The creation and strategy of this promising project is complemented by the launching of a marketing effort integrated by different media to reach local Dominicans and motivate them to explore, discover and share every corner of the country, incorporating into the message the need to commit ourselves to take care of the areas and promote their growth in order to improve the quality of life of their community.

“Tourism in every corner” is much more than a promotional campaign; it includes events in the corners, work in the communities, generation of development for all, but above all it seeks to strengthen the identification and pride of what is ours, and the recognition that together and working hand in hand we make the Dominican Republic shine stronger.

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