Abinader reports that more than 50,000 homes and more than 70,000 property titles have been handed over

The National Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (INFOTEP) reaches the forty-third anniversary of its foundation, approaching 12 million certificates, issued to more than three million participants, who have been trained or learned a trade, as well as 45,718 companies have received advice and technical assistance during 43 years.

The general director of INFOTEP, Rafael Santos Badía, highlighted that one of the factors that has allowed the institution to be successful in these more than four decades, is the tripartite model.

“The strategic alliance between government, employers and workers has allowed INFOTEP to have important figures to exhibit today, these achievements have been obtained with the contributions of the three sectors,” said Santos Badía.

Santos Badía referred to the expansion process that INFOTEP is undergoing, with the decisive support of the central government.

“We have made a commitment to the youth, a commitment to the working class in general, we are not going to leave anyone behind. We are reaching out wherever the people are,” he added.

Since its founding, INFOTEP has issued 11,906,817 certificates, of which 6,343,912 have been given to women and 5,562,905 to men.

These almost 12 million certificates have been the result of 632,967 training actions, given in 51,707,861 hours of classes.

In addition to training young people for employment, in these 43 years, INFOTEP has offered support services for productivity and competitiveness to 45,718 companies in different productive sectors of the Dominican Republic.

In these companies, INFOTEP has certified 4,748,197 workers, as part of the actions carried out by the institution in favor of the continuous improvement of the human capital that moves the industry in the Dominican Republic. In addition, 3,420 companies have been assisted with productivity improvement plans.

Achievements of the last three years

In the last three years, INFOTEP has been immersed in a process of readjusting its curriculum to the needs of the productive sector and the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A fundamental axis of this process is the expansion and modernization of the physical infrastructure, with the purpose of bringing development to where the people live, reaching all corners of the country.

Until March 2021, INFOTEP had four regional management offices nationwide. As of April of that year, the operations of the Central and Northern Regional Managements were decentralized, and two new ones were created: Cibao Sur and Oriental.

During this period, new training centers have been built, including technological and community centers and removable classrooms, as well as training units in seven Correction and Rehabilitation Centers.

In summary, INFOTEP now has 44 centers managed by the institution and more than 230 Operational Centers of the System, nationwide.

This stage of INFOTEP’s expansion is carried out with the support of President Luis Abinader, who has expressed his conviction that with training and education he builds the true social and economic development of the Dominican Republic.

The governing body of professional technical training celebrated its 43rd anniversary in the company of its Board of Directors, management, collaborators, teachers, participants and special guests, in a Eucharist held at the Catedral Primada de América.

After the Mass, a floral offering was made at the Altar of the Homeland with members of the institution headed by the Director General, Rafael Santos Badía.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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