Adompretur and Minister Collado discuss tourism sector priorities

The Dominican Association of Tourism Press (Adompretur) successfully held a meeting with the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, in which important issues on the challenges and opportunities for the industry in the Dominican Republic were discussed.

The welcoming remarks were made by Yenny Polanco Lovera, president of Adompretur, who said “this is a fellowship, because here we have the National Council of Adompretur integrated by the board of directors, the general secretaries of branches, regional directors, former presidents, advisors, and influential journalists who contribute by doing good journalism”.

“Thank you because since our swearing in you have supported us and we are seeing the results,” said Polanco Lovera.

Greeting those present, the Minister of Tourism said that MITUR’s support for the press is vital because “you have been firm allies in the recovery of tourism. I am also grateful for the support of Asonahores and Ventura Serra” (Executive of Embajador and Barceló Santo Domingo hotels).

Collado emphasized that this meeting is an example of unity and working together. “Without the reports that you do, it would be impossible to make our riches known”.

The activity continued with the participation of the general secretaries of Adompretur from the different affiliates, who presented the contributions they make from their destinations, as well as the challenges they face in terms of infrastructure, services and the environment in their localities in order to continue providing optimal and excellent quality services.

After listening to their different proposals, Minister David Collado pledged to continue supporting the development of the tourist poles, as well as the initiatives of Adompretur and the journalists who cover tourism.

Before the end of the activity, Daniel Mercado, secretary general of Sosúa-Cabarete presented a plaque of recognition to the Minister of Tourism for the contributions that he has made since his administration in favor of the recovery of the industry in the “Bride of the Atlantic”.


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