Aerodom anticipates visitor record after DR success at Fitur

Aerodom participated in Fitur 2023 together with the Ministry of Tourism, sponsors and exhibitors.

The projections for 2023 are very positive, said Mónika Infante, general director of Aerodom (Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI), due to new routes and destinations that will be served from Dominican airports. She also anticipates record figures in passenger traffic and air cargo.

“In 2022 we will close with close to 6 million passengers and more than 190 million pounds of cargo transported, which are record statistics for Aerodom and the country,” he told Listín Diario.

“We have been preparing to accommodate both passengers and additional cargo operations that have been added, and will continue to be added this year. In terms of Air Cargo, we have a new terminal at AILA that allows us to carry out all the processes in an agile way in the same space. As a result, it continues to be the leading airport for cargo activities, handling over 70% of all imports and exports by air at the national level,” he said.

With respect to passenger traffic, Infante pointed out that a series of operational improvements have been made to accommodate the additional volume, such as increasing remote parking positions, doubling the boarding capacity to remote positions, remodeling the departures area with new spaces for security and migration processes, and creating new transit areas, among others.

In 2023 we will have a new flight kitchen to serve all airlines, and we will soon have a Holiday Inn hotel at the airport, which is already under construction to serve travelers in transit.

He revealed that these works are being carried out while they are also working on the design and planning of a new terminal that they hope to build soon to serve all passengers in a more modern and comfortable space.

Aeropuertos Dominicanos siglos XXI (Aerodom), a subsidiary of VINCI Airports, highlighted the logistical progress that both the airline industry and Dominican tourism have experienced in recent years.

The International Tourism Fair (Fitur 2023) closed with great success for the Dominican Republic, a co-sponsor country in this 43rd edition, which was attended by representatives of the country’s main banks, including Banco Popular Dominicano, a leader in tourism; investors, hoteliers, diplomats, officials and media representatives.Passenger Arrivals

Infante highlighted the current strengthening of the national aeronautical commercial sector, which closed 2022 with 23 new routes, and an increase of 5.7% in the number of passengers in relation to the state prior to the pandemic and 28.2% with respect to 2021.

Infante stressed that Aerodom has been a key strategic partner in the goal of strengthening the Dominican State’s tourism competitiveness and, of course, in the development of the Dominican Republic’s airline industry.

Aerodom participated in Fitur 2023 together with the Ministry of Tourism, sponsors and exhibitors. This year, the country’s participation in Fitur focused on the promotion of the municipality of Miches as a potential destination for outbound markets, and the launch of Punta Bergantín in Puerto Plata.

Record figures in 2022

The airports operated by AERODOM and VINCI Airports mobilized 5.97 million passengers, equivalent to a growth of more than 28% compared to 2021 and more than 5.8% compared to 2019.

AILA is the airport with the highest traffic for Aerodom, with a traffic of 5,156,000 passengers in 2022.

In terms of cargo, airports operated by Aerodom and VINCI Airports mobilized 190 million pounds of cargo, a record figure in its history, exceeding the 2021 total by more than 8% and more than 15% over 2019.


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