Airport Department agrees with Germany to improve DR system

The executive director of the Airport Department, Victor Pichardo, informed that the Munich International Airport GmbH (MAI), in Germany, will collaborate with the institution to establish exchanges in technical and operational knowledge that will strengthen the Dominican Airport System.

This initiative is part of the mutual collaboration established in a memorandum of cooperation, signed between Pichardo, representing the Airport Department, as General Director of MAI and Jost Lammers, General Director and Chairman of the Board of Flughafen München GmbH (Munich Airport), respectively.

“It is of great importance for the Dominican Republic to reach this type of exchange with the authorities of Munich Airport, as it will contribute to the strengthening of our national airport system, as our President Luis Abinader has been seeking since he took office,” said Pichardo.

The agreement also establishes the development of training programs with the scientific, technological and academic support necessary to strengthen and develop the capacities of senior management and specialized work forces.

The agreement, which consists of eight clauses, establishes in the second, literal a, the intention to “maintain an exchange, as well as organize visits at the airports of each party, with the objective of sharing experiences and know-how related to said airports and the core businesses of each party.”

“Strengthening our airports is a constant exercise that we are executing since we took office,” added the official, while noting that Munich airport is the only five-star certified airport in Europe.

Gaffal emphasized that “we feel privileged to collaborate and exchange knowledge with the Airport Department and thus strengthen the country’s airport system. This is a great opportunity for Munich Airport in the Caribbean region.”

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