Asphalting and construction of sidewalks and curbs begins in Samana

Sectors of the municipality of Santa Bárbara and the municipal district of El Limón, in the province of Samaná, were benefited with asphalt and sidewalk construction programs of the Ministry of Public Works.

However, the district director Fernando Mercado (Raffy) said that work is still continuing in the municipal district of El Limón, with the support of the Municipal League.

He also added that with contributions from businessmen they are also finishing a house of a humble citizen of the area.

On their side, community members were grateful for the completion of the works, as they could not stand the mud and dust.

Similarly, the Ministry of Public Works started the asphalt works in the community of Los Arenazos de Hondura, in the municipality of Santa Bárbara. There, Mayor Nelson Núñez thanked Public Works for coming to their aid.

Public Works supervises several works in El Limón de Samaná
It is recalled that in March of this year, Public Works made supervisory visits to check the progress of the works.

Among the works were the construction of a bridge in this district, asphalting, pothole patching and the improvement of sidewalks and curbs.

During the tour, Roberto Herrera Polanco, vice minister MOPC and the mayor Fernando Mercado Raffy, observed the progress of the work being carried out by brigades and heavy equipment.

As well as, the cleaning of the river that overflows during the rainy season in this tourist area, affecting the residents of several communities.

Polanco indicated that President Abinader gives continuity and response to the works, since it is a claim of years of the population of Limón.

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