1st tropical cyclone from July 3rd to July 20th, 2008

New records for Bertha

1° The hurricane Bertha is from now one the hurricane with the most long life time for July and the tropical system that has the most long life time for July and so early in the season too: – 7.75 days at the hurricane stage; the preceding record was held by the hurricane Emily in 2005 with 7 days – 17.25 days at the stage of named tropical system.

2° Bertha is the 6th stronger hurricane that was formed in pre-season (May-June-July): only 12 systems were formed during this period (since 1944).

3° Bertha holds the record of the “formation” in term of major hurricane that formed the most at the east so early in the season (52° of longitude) but also the one of tropical storm (the formation of Bertha on 25° West is the most distant position in the east that a tropical system recorded in the Atlantic for the season) and of hurricane (indeed Bertha is the 1st hurricane to be formed so early for July since the hurricanes Cindy (July 6, 2005) and Dennis (July 7, 2005) Jeff Masters.

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