Bisonó says Dominican builders facilitate growth and development of the country

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, Victor -Ito- Bisonó expressed the high appreciation that the Government headed by President Luis Abinader has for Dominican builders, because they facilitate the growth and development of the country.

The official indicated that the current administration firmly believes in the synergy that mutually strengthens the construction sector with the sectors of industry, commerce and MSMEs.

Bisono expressed himself in this way during the ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Grupo Estrella and the inauguration of its new Grupo Estrella plant for the production of precast concrete located in Santiago, which was attended by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader.

“With its new precast concrete plant, an investment of US$50 million, Grupo Estrella continues to expand its large business portfolio in the area of engineering and various investments in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay and other countries,” said Bisonó.

On his side, while highlighting the work, President Luis Abinader said that they will support anyone who wants to invest.

“I assure you that the changes of the last few years in the country are irreversible in terms of transparency, permits and projects,” said the president. In this sense, the president called on businessmen to continue defending progress and development.

The infrastructure project aims to meet the needs of the construction projects promoted by public policies and private initiative, which will initially be focused on manufacturing the more than 1,500 beams required for the Santiago Monorail.

Likewise, businessman Manuel Estrella highlighted the 40 years celebrated by Grupo Estrella in the construction industry. In outlining how long the company has been in business, he valued the role played by its employees in achieving these objectives.

He said they currently have 4,400 employees on payroll with a staff of more than 70 percent under the age of 40.

“To get to 40 years, we have done something. Number one the human resources, a diversification strategy we made and number three we bet on the country,” the businessman pointed out.

The new plant is of Italian technology in a roofed area of 10,000 square meters and a space of 50,000 square meters for finished products.

Source: reddenoticias.ohline


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