Boca Chica; Mayor’s Office warns to ask for card at the beach

The mayor of Boca Chica, Fermín Brito, announced yesterday that every person who visits the beach of this municipality must carry his vaccination card, because otherwise he will not be able to enter the closed places, because he could be infected or catch the virus that produces the covid-19.

“We will carry out inspections in the businesses especially the beach ones, adjusted to the Constitution of the Republic, in order not to violate fundamental rights and in the same way contribute to avoid contagions and deaths due to the virus”, expressed Brito.

The municipal official also said that as from this weekend, a campaign will start so that the visitors to the beach who are not vaccinated can do it through equipment installed in the different access points.

He said that the Ministry of Public Health can send its supervisors and vaccination personnel to go to the businesses and ask those who have not been vaccinated or those who have the first dose to propose the second one.
Brito recommended to the Ministry of Tourism to open a vaccination campaign in the tourist centers to encourage the vaccination in the people who go to those places and who are not vaccinated.
He assured that in Boca Chica, 70% of the population has been inoculated.

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