Cabo Rojo port to disembark tourists by the end of 2023

Abinader announces Cabo Rojo port will begin to disembark tourists by the end of 2023

It is estimated that Cabo Rojo will be able to receive more than 400,000 tourists per year.

President Luis Abinader announced Tuesday night that by November 2023 the port of Cabo Rojo in Pedernales, currently under construction, will begin to disembark tourists.

The port is only part of the Pedernales project that will allow “to have one of the most important tourist centers in the region in the coming years and for which we have started months ago the infrastructure works”, said the president in his speech for the second anniversary of his government.

The development plan for Pedernales includes the construction of hotels, 12,000 rooms, an international airport, a port and the completion of all the necessary basic infrastructure works, such as the construction of an aqueduct, a water treatment plant and an electrical transmission system.

Abinader said that the construction of the first hotel is already being tendered and monthly bids for all the hotels of the first phase, of which there are 11, will be uploaded.

He also announced that the designs for the airport are almost ready to be put out to bid.

Puerto de Cabo RojoOther projects

The Manzanillo project has been put out to bid and the largest electric generation plant in the country with its fuel deposit was awarded, which will provide great energy security to the northern region, the President assured.

In addition, he said that the shipyard project has been awarded and the new wharf is under bidding.

He explained that work on the Bergantín project in Puerto Plata will begin in the next few weeks, after more than a year of design work.

“These projects will be a worldwide example that we will all be able to see and will have an important impact on the lives of thousands of Dominicans; they will definitely change the face of the entire country and will bring thousands of direct and indirect jobs, energizing local economies and contributing great economic growth,” he assured.

The governor said that, apart from the projects in public-private alliances, hundreds of private sector plans are being developed in tourism, free zones, industries and real estate throughout the country.

He indicated that these development initiatives will definitely change the face of the whole country and will bring thousands of direct and indirect jobs, boosting local economies and providing great economic growth.

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