Cachón de la Rubia” will be remodeled in Santo Domingo East

This Tuesday, work began on the removal of the Ecological Park “El Cachón de la Rubia”, in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, where, according to Manuel Jimenez, the mayor of the municipality, a series of attractions will be installed for the enjoyment of the whole family.

The work will be carried out in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment.

Jimenez indicated that the space, located in the Cancino Adentro sector, will be a reference in ecotourism tourism in the municipality, which will have a multipurpose eco-thematic central gazebo, where activities such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms and other cultural events can be carried out.

The “Cachón de la Rubia” is located in the Lucerna and/or Cancino Adentro sector, which will be intervened in coordination with the Ministry of Environment in essential areas allowed by Law 64-00, on protected areas.

Likewise, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will accompany the initiative as well as the collaboration of the Dominican Port Authority, which will be in charge of the construction of a domestic dock for boats.


In a second stage, the project will include the construction of a bicycle path and a natural amphitheater, as well as thematic murals.

The park has multiple springs and extensive flora.

Its fauna includes birds and amphibians of various species that make the space a magical place for those who like to enjoy nature at its best.


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